Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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You know how I've been hinting at something new that I've been working on?

Well, it's coming soon.

As in This Weekend!!!

I've set Memorial Day Weekend as my official launch weekend and have been working diligently to get all the ducks in a row.

I'm super excited to share.

I'm also super duper hungry.

Third grade eats lunch at 11:00 at my school.

Yes, that would be 11:00 a.m.

It's not really lunch.

It's more like 2nd breakfast.

The problem is that by 3:10 I am about ready to eat my own arm off.

But then I'm torn because 3:10 is way too early for dinner. I usually am good about distracting myself, but then there are those days when I can't be stopped.

Today I consumed several forkfuls of chicken that was waiting for me in the crockpot when I got home along with 2 slices of toast w/ Nutella (food of the Gods), a glass of milk and a handful of popcorn.

What time do you eat lunch?

What is your favorite after school snack?


Mamie said...

We start at 9, eat lunch at 12, and are out at 3:30. Eating at 11 would be TERRIBLE!!!

My favorite after school snack is definitely air-popped popcorn.

Sandra Guntorius said...

Eleven would be much better then my 10:25, I call it brunch.

Kristen said...

I could not eat that early! As it is, we eat at 12:15 and get out at 3:00 and I am famished again by then!!

My favorite is chocolate then something salty. Of course, I can't do this every day!! :) Can't wait to read your blog this weekend!
Ladybug's Teacher Files

Love, Polka Dot said...

Mine is at 11 as well. I am famished by the time we get out at 2:45! I've ben having some nuts and pretzels....the nuts seem to do a decent shop of holding me back from eating anything in my path! I feel your pain :)

Mrs. Ibarra said...

We start at 7:50 and have lunch at 11:15 and are out at 3:15. I am also ready to eat anything in sight by this time. I get home and snack before I actually eat dinner.