Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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Did you hear that?

Listen closer.

OK...Did you hear it?

I didn't think so. That was me trying to talk.

Except I have no voice.

None. Nada. Zilch.

A slight whisper comes out. But nothing more.

I'm about to start day 3 in the classroom sans vocals. It's actually kind of nice. There is a calm in the room. The kids are working together to make our days successful and it's been doable. I figure: I feel fine with the exception of not being able to speak and they will get more out of my lessons on mute than they would from having a sub so in I go.

Yesterday I had some students lead lessons. It was A-MAZ-ING. They directed whole group and small group pairings. They worked with partners. I circulated, listened in and beamed with pride at how the room was running itself. Cooperative learning at its finest.

My goal s always to manage my classroom so that ultimately I can step away and have it be self-sufficient. However, I've never really been forced to let it happen before.

Perhaps I could spend a week in the Caribbean and nobody would notice. :)

What kind of happy surprise have you had in the classroom?


Finding Normal said...

I lose my voice about twice a year, on average. It starts as drainage with a cold or cough, but then I feel fine and have no voice. So, like you, in I go. And my kids step up and work harder. It is probably the best couple of days of the year. Yay for no voice! But will you snatch that control back when you can talk again???

Ashley said...

Well, I've actually struggled more lately with classroom management than I have in a long time, aka, my first year of teaching. I don't think I'm sweet enough to show my students enough empathy.
Or atleast that's how I feel sometimes. I have a small class but with 7 boys. I teach at a private school for kids with learning disabilities. However, their behavior has little to nothing to do with their learning disabilities. They are 5th graders, probably on a 4th grade academic level and possibly, a 1st grade maturity level. It's all about being cool in front of the other boys, laughing at any sexual innuendo that comes up at ALL times. I feel like I'm teaching a bunch of middle school boys with their humor and rudeness in the classroom.
I was just wondering how you get your kids to be so self-sufficient and if/when you do see some of the behaviors I've listed above, how do you deal with it?

Anonymous said...

Funny that you have this post b/c I had the polar opposite day in my room today. I am the sub, so I almost expect to hear a little extra clatter. I've had this class before and they were never like this. I ended up taking 10 min of recess away from them, but that doesn't seem like it works and it hardly seems fair to the many students that were staying on track. I found myself raising my voice to the point that my hearing-needs student turned off his box b/c he could hear me fine without it. (not good!!) I've quietly pulled students aside so that the rest of the room doesn't get as distracted, but it still doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear some thoughts from anyone in the peanut gallery. (Please remember that I am a sub, so I don't have the ability to do some of the things that a classroom teacher can do. Any other subs out there with this issue?)

First Grade Best said...

Wanted to share the love! I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award.
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Ladybug Teacher said...

I'm sure you have received this already, but I wanted to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award! I am ever-inspired by your blog, thank you for everything!

Luanne Lewis said...

I am giving you the stylish blogger award. I am very late to this party. But I love your blog. I hope you get your voice back.