Monday, November 22, 2010

Shades of Grey

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I got my hair did last night.

And today I'm a new woman.

Not really. I'm still the same old me, but with darker hair.

As a kid, my hair was super dark. Then 15 year old me discovered Sun-In. And in my teenage logic I deducted that since the directions called for sun or a blowdryer then the necessary ingredient for developing sun-kissed tresses was heat. So I tested my hypothesis and sprayed the heck out of my hair and then slid a curling iron slowly through it.

Oh, the heat activated the color alright and I had streaks of orange hair. As in Sunkist oranges and not sun-kissed. It was awful.

After that I retired from the role of Beauty School Dropout and ventured into salons where I entrusted the pros to work their magic. This summer I went out on a limb and had it highlighted. It was borderline blond.

Blonds don't really have more fun in case you are wondering.

Last night I had her darken it.

Today I went to school and overheard this conversation while I was doing a running record:

Student A: Mrs. D needs to spend more time in the sun. Her blond streaks are fading.
Student B: That's not from the sun. She dyes it to cover the grey.
Student A: She doesn't have grey hair.
Student B: That's because she buys brown hair with highlights.

Dear Student B, I'll be working on your report card this weekend. Just saying. Love, Your Teacher


Anonymous said...

Oh, out of the mouths of babes! Reminds me of a kid story one of my first grade team mates shared today. She is expecting a baby and so is one of our other first grade teammates. When she wrote the word "girl" on the board this morning to let her students know she is having a girl one little boy said, "Well, if Mrs.___ is having a boy and you are having a girl what are the other ones having?" He was referring to myself and the other first grade teacher. We are both way beyond that point in our lives! I guess he thought if 2 out of the 4 first grade teachers are expecting that we all were!!

Sue said...

I just have to say how much I am enjoying and learning from your blog. I am a cluttered classroom teacher and messy housewife/mother. I am feeling motivated to try some of your suggestions and stop avoiding my piles.

Also... I wish my husband was due for a report card- his comment about my new haircut was that it made me look "less frumpy". Less? As in I am still? Just not as much?

Talk about being in the dog house!

Thanks again.. Mommy to three- 2, 7, 8 years and full day K teacher to 26