Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's Go Camping!

UPDATE: The package sold today (6/29) and is en route to it's new home.  Thanks for all of the interest and really sweet emails.  I appreciate the feedback!

A few years ago I did a camping theme in my classroom.

You can see photos of my room at my Clutter-Free Classroom site.  I try to do a different theme each year and not duplicate them so I'm looking for a new home...well, classroom...for all of my stuff.  Hubby and I spent a good chunk of time photographing and listing everything this afternoon.  It is all packed up neatly in a big box and is ready to ship.  The kids loved this theme.

Included in this package are:
1 Camp fire - includes plastic container/lights/cellophane
BULLETIN BOARD BORDERS (3 kinds: Frogs / pawprints / tree stumps)
1 stuffed moose
5 paper plates with “retired words” written in an ant font
3 frogs
2 wooden bathroom passes
6 six trait boot cards
1 squirrel on a stump
1 skunk
1 raccoon in a stump
4 dragonflies
1 speech bubble reading, “Don’t be a stinker! Always exhibit role model behavior”
1 laminated conference request
Busy Beaver Classroom Job chart
1 Writer’s Workshop at a Glance sign
1 sign reading “Are you stumped about Try one of these ideas”
1 sign reading Outhouse passes
1 Whoooo’s Here Today chart
6 frogs
6 dragon flies
3 worms
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - Trend T10504 36 mini frogs
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - Trend 35 sheets mini notepad moose
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - 50 sheets, bear notepad
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - 50 sheets, camper notepad
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - 50 sheets, pine tree notepad
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - 36 ant/picnic blanket name tags
1 large moose decoration (comes in 3 pieces)
1 log decoration
2 swamp weed decorations
1 large frog decoration (has been repaired with tape, but will look fine when hanging)
1 large pine tree wall decoration
1 blank yellow camp sign decoration
1 firefly/worm sign
1 squirrel decoration
1 porcupine decoration
1 possum decoration
1 pkg BRAND NEW/UNOPENED - jumbo removable wall stickers with woodland theme (bear, moose, pine cone/branch)
2 incomplete woodland alphabet sticker sheets
1 flash light
37 tree branch paper frame
24 brown/tan card stock accented with Evergreens, birds, and pine cones (I used these as a word wall)
1 large “fishing bear” decoration with tackle box, net and basket (some tape)
3 Pillowcases (fit standard pillows): acorn fabric, leaf fabric, maroon plaid fabric)
8 types of fabric for bulletin boards / table covers etc.
includes: brown fuzzy, light green, brown, tan, 2 light blue, swamp green, shiny green (tent like)
1 vinyl red and white checkered tablecloth (I used this as a bulletin board)

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66pasegi said...

I loved your theme ... I just decided what I wanted for my theme for this year .... googled camping and your page came up .... where can I find the tree branch paper ..... I would like to use your idea for my word wall using that paper ..... ALL YOUR IDEAS ARE GREAT ... Congratulations .... Thanks