Friday, May 27, 2011

What Are You Planning?

This is the weather in my neck of the woods.

I'm giddy with a capital G!

Memorial Day Weekend is one of my mostest favoritest times of the year. The entire summer is laid out before me complete with the promise of long l-a-z-y days, countless hours in the pool and limited responsibility.

Summer always means the start of a new to do list for me. I view summer much like people view New Years. Complete with resolution-ish type items.

Our tradition is to go to the beach and I always take along a notebook. In it I scribble down my plans for the summer.

Some are simple: clean out the sunroom cabinet.

Others are lofty: Make a baby...FYI this was on the list a few years back...we reached our baby quota in 2009 in this house.

What are your goals, to-dos, resolutions for the summer?

Join my very first linky party to post about them. Simply blog about what you are hoping to accomplish as we roll into summer, link back here and sign the list below. I can't wait to see what y'all have in the works. I'll post mine after our annual beach trek on Saturday.


Chrissy said...

Great idea! I hope you have a wonderful summer!


amy.lemons said...

Love the idea of a linking party! It helped me get a jump ahead on my to-do list! How fun!

Thanks for sharing,

Kimberly Collingwood said...

Finally got my picture to come up. I don't know why your picture came up with my name!
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